Monday, 9/25
Properties of Water Lab Stations

Tuesday, 9/26
Students fill out cornell note worksheet while viewing the powerpoint
Powerpoint and cornell notes

Wednesday, 9/27
Text pg. 8-22 read Ocean Acidification and answer the following questions:
1. Based on the reading, what is the major concern of scientists in recent years regarding ocean acidification?
2. What evidence are they using to validate these concerns?

Begin working on bookwork

Thursday, 9/28
Ocean acidification

Friday, 9/29
Discuss notes as a class (see above powerpoint and cornell notes). Mini-Summative: Properties of Water Vocabulary

Monday, 10/2
Buoyancy Lab: Boats

Tuesday, 10/3
Test boats

Wednesday, 10/4
Grade bookwork (formative assessment)

Thursday, 10/5
Kagan Review Game

Friday, 10/6
Major Summative: Properties of Water